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January 2006 Site Stats

For the month of January, this site spat in the eye of 79363 unique visitors, generating 2363237 hits/1061849 page impressions and ripping through some 52.2 GB in bandwidth.

The visitor count is significantly down from July 2005 (126296), but that turned out to be a freak month. August 2005 saw 67603 visitors.

This is working out to about 13000 readers per weekday, not counting syndications such as the couple of thousand people reading through LiveJournal.

The linky action came chiefly from,,, and . And a hundred hits from Katie West’s bum, the gift that just keeps giving.

406 people visited this site in January in search of used panties. Katie West will rest assured that more people came here looking for her than came looking for Justice League porn. Just.

I am kind of worried about the person who was looking for “how to fuck”

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