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  1. funny how americans give such a damn about people smoking and they
    dont care half as much about real pollution! once again proving most
    of them have brains smaller than grapes.

  2. New Jersey is joining the list of braindead shiteating whores who are banning smoking in all public buildings despite staunch opposition by bar/restruant owners and strippers.

  3. GOOD and wish more would do so, real polution is cigarette smoke, if anyone wishes to smoke let them but why should my lungs suffer. Polution is required to make the world go around, power the computer you are sitting behind. Smoking is a leisure for some people but its one I do not wish to share and can be prevented…

  4. I believe the applicable quote is:

    “[Non-smokers are] Like whining little maggots aren’t they? Obnoxious self-righteous slugs. I’d quit smoking if I didn’t think I’d become one of them.”
    -Bill Hicks

  5. Ah, Bill Hicks.

    And, all you fine smokers, light ’em up. Just because I don’t smoke doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to. My grandmother lived in a house where my grandpa smoked a few packs a day every day of his life and she’s the healthiest old lady I know. Grandpa’s doing fine too.

    Sometimes I look at my government and laugh and other times I look at my government and check on housing prices in Europe.

  6. i can’t sit at a bar and smoke a joint so why should you be able to smoke a cigarette? smokers are turning into the new non-smokers, bunch of whiny bastards, be thankful your drug is still legal

  7. The arguments for and against are really similar.

    Non-smokers: I shouldn’t have to smell like ass whenever I go out because other people like smoking

    Smokers: I shouldn’t be prevented from smoking because the bodi nazis don’t like the smell

    I find it hard to take pity, and I’m sure it’s the same from the other side.

  8. I live in a state which has completely banned smoking within 25 ft (6.5 m) of an enclosed public area, and even though I hardly smoke anymore it pisses me off. Even with all that was fucked up about it, sometimes I really miss Germany.

  9. Smoking is a subliminal form of sorting out the strong from the weak. Or the cool from the wanks.

    You’re either the person who licks girls faces, lighting up and puffing away while you tell them you’re not interested in their post-ass sex thoughts of the universe, or you’re the seedy little knob with butter colored teeth who shakes after a few minutes wihtout one.

  10. One of the most ridiculous things I have seen was friend, standing on edge of the bar’s patio, taking a step up to drink from his scotch then step down to drag from his cigarette because they illegalized smoking in bars in Tempe, AZ.

    The second most ridiculous thing I’ve seen was a man lighting a cigarette up in the pediatrics ward of the hospital.

    You bloody twits can go about how stupid the other is. The qualities of common sense and reason, something SOME of us practice, is the only sane path to take on things like this.

  11. Actually, it’s not really the smell that bothers me around smokers. It’s the toxic chemicals being ignited in my presence that I have no choice but to inhale.

  12. Hey, here’s a brilliant idea, why not open non-smoking bars? You know, the whole market economics factor of an enterprise economy serving a need? IF there’s really so many people out there who can’t stomach the thought of sitting in a cloud of deep grey smoke while swilling back a seven and a half dollar glass of some overpriced crap swill, why aren’t there non-smoking(by choice, not law, mind) bars popping up all over the world to cater just to these select clientele? Curious…
    Of course, we all know governments are always more likely to have it right before crude profit-addicted business men.

  13. Shit, here in upstate NY all public places have been non-smoking for 5 years now, bars and eateries included. It’s like a distant memory being able to stand at the bar and have a butt with my drink, or to light up after a good meal. I went to Noth Carolina in the summer and saw the people smoking everywhere I went, and wih a sigh remembred the way it was.

  14. Prohibiting smoking in bars/restaurants and other public areas (which is also starting to spread as legislation throughout Europe) is a bummer, since I consider my cigarettes to be a barometer of my health. Every industrially produced cigarette contains the same ingredients and as such any reaction my body produces after having smoked them is a relevant and almost measurable scientific result. If I feel dizzy or nauseous after smoking I know I should have taken better care of my body. If the cigarette makes me happy or has no physical consequence, my health is at its best. Think about it, cigarettes are being forgotten as useful medical measuring tools…

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