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Meathook-Wielding James Lovelock To Earth: “You’re Fucked”

Renowned scientist James Lovelock says he believes the world has passed the point of no return for climate change, and civilization is unlikely to survive.

In an extraordinarily pessimistic new assessment published in Monday’s Independent, Lovelock suggests efforts to counter global warming cannot succeed, and that, in effect, it is already too late. Lovelock now believes Earth and human society face nearly complete disaster, and sooner than nearly anybody realizes.

He writes, “Before this century is over, billions of us will die, and the few breeding pairs of people that survive will be in the Arctic, where the climate remains tolerable.”

(and here’s Lovelock’s article.)

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  1. Always wondered when someone was going to notice that one. Honestly, the most valuable real-estate of the late 21st century? Landfills and rubbish tips. Once someone realises the money to be made with a cheap and viable recycling system in an era when raw materials suddenly become massively more expensive, some people could be sitting on a goldmine…

  2. Apologies. That was meant to be a comment to the previous entry. Some day I’ll learn to pay attention to what I’m doing.

  3. Lovelock should no better. Not that climate change from global warming will necessarily be particularly pleasant, but the Earth has been several degrees hotter than it is now during the lifetime of primate species. Something tells me we’ll probably make it through this one.

    Though an investment in freon manufacturing might not be a bad idea.

  4. Or, perhaps Lovelock should KNOW better. Stupid english and its homophones.

  5. Napalm Dog Napalm Dog

    I’d say that it’s necassary, if he’s right. Hell; How many fuckers need to be on this planet?

  6. Daniel Morgan Daniel Morgan

    The apocalypse approaches, and it’s just in time for Dr. Lovelock’s new book!

    I think we’re playing Russian Roulette with climate change, but when the guy is using dire warnings of apocalypse to plug his latest publishing effort, that makes me take a step back.

  7. It’s really hard to take someone seroiusly when they keep referring to the earth as “Gaia.”

  8. I’d say that it’s necassary, if he’s right. Hell; How many fuckers need to be on this planet?

    Apparently, only as many fuckers as can fit into Alaska. Assuming they keep up their fucking!

  9. Screw all of you; I’m investing in ammunition, fuel and maps.

  10. Byron Byron

    It’s a lot more difficult to destroy the Earth than most people suspect.
    Humans, on the other hand…we’re little more than a ripple in the ocean of time.

  11. Was it the Swedes or the Finns who are stockpiling seeds near the Arctic Circle?

    Methinks Mr. Lovelock took too many of the green ones before he rented The Day After Tomorrow…

  12. Dr Zane Dr Zane

    Seed bank? Neither, it was the Norwegians, to be built on Spitsbergen.

  13. Gah!

    Lost in Scandanavia again.

    Thank you, Doctor.

  14. Dave Dave

    As George Carlin put it “The planet is fine, the PEOPLE are fucked.” We’re only harming the surface and that’ll fix itself anyway.

    Somehow I’m having a hard time giving a fuck really…

  15. I find it difficult to take stock in a scientist that states dramatically that BILLIONS of people will die before this century is out.

    On a planet currently populated by what, 6 billion people? I should fucking HOPE so. He should have made up a word, like KAJILLIONS of people will die. I’d respect that.

  16. Frank Diaz Frank Diaz

    I enjoyed Lovelock’s analogy to humans being the nervous system of the planet.Too beautiful there.
    I also think I have to rewatch the beginning scenes to “Dawn of the Dead”…the remake.

  17. MrPerson MrPerson

    See? We Norwegians understand.

    So, some scientists say that the Golf/Gulf/whatever Stream is going to disappear or be redirected, so that places like Norway and Sweden and Finland will be uninhabitable (shyeah, like they don’t survive in Russia), and this guy goes the other way around, and says that anything below the Arctic Circle is going to be uninhabitable?

    I suggest an amalgam. The Golf stream disappears, and massive glaciers cover anything left above the Arctic Circle, whereas the rest of the Earth becomes a boiling Hell. In fact, we get -two- interpretations of Hell on Earth at once: The old Norse depiction of Hell as a very cold place, and the classic lake-of-fire Hell. I’m sure Jesus’ll turn up at some point, too. Or at least some guy who pretends to be him.

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