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And It Had Orson Welles As A Bond Villain

Finally, I have a brother in Patrick Macias:

I’m a huge fan of CASINO ROYALE. The last reel is as close as anyone has gotten to filming the unfilmable Gravity’s Rainbow. If Frankenstein’s Monster, or at least a flying roulette wheel does not appear in the new version, I will boo and hiss.

CASINO ROYALE is not only the best Bond film ever made, but it is possibly the best film ever made. It features the following exchange between Peter Sellers and Peter O’Toole:

Peter O’Toole: “Are you Richard Burton?”

Peter Sellers: “No, I’m Peter O’Toole.”

Peter O’Toole: “Then you’re the finest man who ever breathed.”

That’s it. One second after that, staff should have come out of the wings of every cinema in the world to thank people for attending, and then closed their doors. The cinemas should have been boarded up and the film-making industries of the planet dissolved, for the art of cinema was Complete and Over.

I suspect Patrick wouldn’t go as far as me. But he is essentially Small-Time, and I am Internet Jesus.

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