10 Responses to “Yeah, I’m About Ready For Today To Be Over Too”

  1. Pretty! The drawing, if not the buttocks.

  2. Hang on, don’t Octopi, (Ocotopeds?), have some sort of sharp gnashing beak… good Lord, it doesn’t even bare thinking about.

    I’m also pretty certain there’s a filthy ‘Oh Dae-su’ joke in here somewhere, but I’ll be damned if I’m ruining my reputation by thinking of it.

  3. He should have centered the eyes over those cute little bimples (butt dimples) of his! I feel a great opportunity was lost here.

  4. That’s you, isn’t it, Ellis?

  5. …yes. Yes, it is.

  6. I think this guy needs the Cthulhu Dildo Cthozy.

  7. Hey Warren, Don’t Look.


  8. It looks like a case of Cthonic Irrigation

  9. I know we all joke but that has to be the worst tattoo I have ever seen?

  10. Does this mean he will always need to wax his butt?