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The Apparat Programme: 9

The Apparat Programme
broadcast at ninety-six kilobits per second in broadband
9: dark little whispers
for dark little days

(27.36 mins) (19.0MB) (direct download)
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All music was donated directly to the Programme by the artists. The running order for Programme 9 is:

lowercase collective – “Secrets Don’t Wake Up” (3:31)
The Great Indoors – “Herbert & George” (5:05)
Alex Tarampi – “Heet” (2:32)
Steve Long – “The Hand” (2:33)
Daddy Long Legs – “Soup” (2:48)
333 – “Skudder” (3:49)
Theory Anesthetic – “The Transient” (4:49)
The Saturday Night Things – “Female Trouble” (2:29)

(links, stats etc to follow — am chasing deadlines today! I believe all artists are Googleable anyway)

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