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Gengineering Around The Soul

Slavoj Zizek, from 2003:

According to a possible Roman Catholic counter-argument, the true danger is that, in engaging in biogenetics, we forget that we have immortal souls. This argument only displaces the problem, however. If this were the case, Catholic believers would be the ideal people to engage in biogenetic manipulation, since they would be aware that they were dealing only with the material aspect of human existence, not with the spiritual kernel. Their faith would protect them from reductionism. If we have an autonomous spiritual dimension, there is no need to fear biogenetic manipulation.

(Note: souls are bullshit. But it’s an interesting avenue of attack.)

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  1. dan dan

    While I do find it entertaining to argue with believers “in their world” and point out logical flaws like Zizek has, it seems that inevitably you end up giving their world of credibility and legitimacy.

  2. jgr jgr

    Ok inflatable heads of biodegradable ego . . .

    How about wrapping your balloons around the irreducibly complex nature of space itself and start coming up with some cogent hypotheses for its origin . . . and quit wasting your time with the small stuff . . . :)

    Remember, in deep space, no one knows how tiny our little thoughts really are . . .

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