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The Wicker Goat

A giant straw goat erected every year in a Swedish town to mark the festive season has been burned down – again.

Police in the town of Gavle said the 13-metre (43 ft) high billy goat has been set on fire so often it has almost become a Christmas ritual. It was the 22nd time it has gone up in smoke since the town, north of Stockholm, began the tradition in 1966.

Two men were seen running from the blaze, one of whom was disguised as Father Christmas…

somewhere inside: Edward Woodward

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  1. I thought it was s’posed to be filled with live goats THEN set ablaze. Such as the Wicker Man has been attriubed to legend.

  2. Sand Sand

    The two perpetrators were dressed as Santa Claus and the Gingerbread man. Several further goat-torchings have taken place over the weekend, the two are suspected to be on a rampage.

  3. Maybe Santa burned it down because it scared rudolf?

  4. Nooooo Santa burnt the beast after Rudolf mistook it for a mate and tried giving it one!!

  5. I am taking the girl to Sweden on Friday. We will try and set something alight…

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