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June 24th, 2013 | about warren ellis/contact


Last one of these I’ll do for some while.

I also have presences on Tumblr, Facebook (a Page) and G+, but those are just coverage and for occasional play.  The Snapchat account is also just me farting around: I’ve been writing about apps and code in that general space lately, which is why I have it.  Also also, I have WhatsApp, for friends only.

And that’s that.  After Friday, there won’t be daily posts here for some time, so I thought I’d get this in now, just for old time’s sake.

(And to forestall the usual questions: the photo was glitched with the Decim8 app, and the text was added with the Over app, both iOS in this instance.)


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  1. You can find Warren on Twitter: @warrenellis