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Well, I’d Like To Write A Thing About UPSTREAM COLOR, But…


…this would be that revolutionary self-organised distribution process I’d been reading about.  I’m geolocked on all services: even using my account fails.  This would also explain why I saw more than a dozen different streams of the film on movie2K the other week, when I searched for curiosity.  (I was going to double-check that today, but my ISP has now blocked movie2K and I can’t be bothered to run a VPN.)

This is apparently down to Carruth selling the UK distrib rights to a company who doesn’t intend to do a UK cinema release until autumn and presumably doesn’t want DVD or download to dilute cinema takings.  They must be expecting to absolutely mint coins out of the twenty screens they’ll squeeze the film on to here.

So it seems I might get to buy a download in October.  Which I find kind of amusing: when I was a kid, I would read about films in American comics and magazines fully four-to-six months before they made it over the ocean to Britain.  And, in those days, of course, films would open in London first and make their way to the regions over a period of weeks.  Warm memories of seeing a tv ad for a film playing in London and working out how long it’d take to reach the Southend cinemas (the old Rayleigh Regal was gone by then). 

Well done to Shane Carruth and his distribution partners for allowing me once again to experience the film distribution methods of the 1970s.

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