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booklist 2013: LIVING IN THE END TIMES, Slavoj Zizek

Forgive me for not using the correct symbols  – they always get munged somewhere between Windows Live Writer and WordPress.

This is catch-up reading.  I’ve read a few shorter pieces by Zizek in the past that I never found completely compelling – he has, in general, passed me by, and I never really got the adulation.  So I bought a couple of his books, deciding that I really needed to give him a go in longform.  I got a chapter in and then realised I’d already highlighted a dozen phrases and passages, as well as having seen him wander down a somewhat decadent and relativised cul-de-sac and given me the finger.  I kind of get him more now, and the book is remarkably hard to put down.  He’s all over the place, but he’s hugely entertaining and his writing is delightfully pyrotechnic.  I’m having fun with it.

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