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Bookmarks for 2013-02-22

    Igaluk – To Scare the Moon with its own Shadow Igaluk is the creation myth of the Inuit moon. With simple words, the story reveals the complexity of our morals. It inspired me to create a music that, I hope, retains the enigmatic beauty that the moon bears. This live electronic piece was developed in collaboration with the pianist Sebastian Berweck. It is the sonic result of a reflection on performance in electronic music. The performer manipulates (with a keyboard and midi controllers) piano recordings he has previously done in the studio. Igaluk was realized in 2011-2012 at the studios of Technische Universität Berlin, University of Huddersfield and University of Montreal. It was premiered during the Piano+ festival 2013 at ZKM | Institue for Music and Acoustics. Thanks to Sebastian Berweck and Stephen Harvey for their help. piano, live, moon, ambient, electronics
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