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booklist 2013: James Bond: My Long and Eventful Search for His Father, Len Deighton

This was a fun little thing.  Len Deighton writes a gossipy, fond, sometimes rather sad history of how the James Bond films got made, how there came to be two Bond movies made at the same time (the unfortunate NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN being the stalking horse to the “real” movie cycle), and how almost everyone involved lived in grandeur and yet died in despair and poverty.  Some lovely touches of detail, and fascinating sketches of a time somehow oddly past: the days of the well-dressed, well-lunched, somewhat gamey creative eccentric, staggering from country home to city bar to beachfront pile in a wine-sodden haze, trailing an industrial plume of cigarette smoke and legal paperwork the whole way.

A very enjoyable afternoon read.  Cheers, Len.

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