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So the book finally launched last week.  We had a few hiccups, including physical copies not reaching Barnes & Noble bookstores (at best) in the launch week, and both Amazon and Amazon UK selling out twice, but it’s out there.  This link should tell you where to find it.  At one point, GUN MACHINE was the 112th best-selling book on Amazon.  This weekend has mostly been about people telling me they can’t find physical copies to buy, which is really not a warming thing for someone who would like to sell copies of their book.

Book Trailer 1 was exclusive at MTV Geek (thank you!) for a while, and now it’s on YouTube:

Jim Batt, Ben Templesmith and Wil Wheaton, folks.  They did me proud, and it’s not a thing I’ll ever be able to pay back.

The American reviews I’ve been shown have all been very kind.  The New York Times reviewed it twice, even.  Got one in the UK, yesterday, too, which was nice.  I was also on The Nerdist podcast – Chris and his team were just great.

Book Trailer 2 is coming, which will hopefully keep things rolling along.  I know it’s going to look amazing. 

Last week was mostly about watching screens and processing email (and blasting away my “holiday” time).  Today I go back to the actual job of writing things.  But if you’re one of the people who tweeted about the book, or blogged about it, over the last week: thank you.  Seriously.  You made the week a lot easier for me, and I’m grateful.

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