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And So Winter Arrived In My Testicles

This is not a photo of my testicles.  But god DAMN sitting outside in the garden today to clear my lungs was a challenge.  Apparently this came out of nowhere around 7am and dumped two inches in two hours.  Let me try and catch up with some stuff.

Katie West’s print sale ends today.  And, by god, look at this poster Ellen Rogers and Prizme put together for Meredith and her Parlour Trick Kickstarter.  This magical thing is in the USD $45 reward tier – which is a steal – and the Kickstarter’s only running for another 18 hours or so.  Look at this:


And over at thisisGUNMACHINE, you can find the first chunk of the Spotify playlist I put together, reflecting at least part of what I was listening to while writing the book.  And now I’m being told I have to leave the house to drink wine.  Which will hopefully thaw some of the ice, there in the very disturbing places it currently sits.

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