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CHANNEL SK1N is visionary science fiction author Jeff Noon’s first novel in ten years.  It shares many genetic markers with his previous work: the surreal sf of VURT, the body attack of AUTOMATED ALICE, the people being eaten by art and culture of NEEDLE IN THE GROOVE, and the linguistic experimentation of COBRALINGUS.

The latter is, for me, the least successful element of CHANNEL SK1N, otherwise a diverting, sad and lovely story of a processed pop star, and her Svengali’s damaged daughter, being eaten by television. At times, the concept plays as MAX HEADROOM via DO ANDROIDS DREAM in David Lynch’s basement, but I absolutely recommend it for the glory of the prose, and the many instances where he lifts the material into stunning human moments.  This is a virtuoso’s warm-up set: loose, occasionally flawed to my ears, but magisterial.

You can find out more about CHANNEL SK1N, and how to buy it as an ebook, at this link here.

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