While America Hammers A Turkey Into Its Face

November 21st, 2012 | daybook

Yesterday was a write-off, work-wise. New Book DEATH BAR:

In which I wrote the line “Did you have silver polyester over my head at some point?”

Yeah., I know.  It gets better, I swear.  I hope.

So America is now switching off in order to devour an almost unimaginably wide swarm of birds, or vegetarian leaf-eating substitutes thereof.  I, however, am English.  God was an Englishman, you know.  Until we shot, cooked and ate him.  But I am going to take the opportunity to turn things off here (aside from the Closedown post) until Monday, and work while all the offices are closed.  Have a good weekend, folks.  It is now sunset on warren ellis dot com.

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