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Podcast List, 19nov12

I’m not sure why I keep blogging about this – which is why I’m timeshifting this post to the middle of the bloody night, actually – but it keeps bugging me. 

It is, on some level, about inbound: tuning the world so that the good stuff comes to you without having to spend all day looking for it and grabbing it manually.  It’s why you have news sources, and clever and curious people, in your Twitter feed.

I must say, I’m thinking about unlinking podcasts from iTunes on the desktop entirely.  If Instacast (frequently recommended to me) syncs between iPhone and iPad instances, then I might make the break.

I’m trying Monocle Affairs because their podcasts seem to be under ten minutes in length. I like that idea.  I’d probably have had a lot more subscriptions for a lot longer if there were a lot of good podcasts under ten minutes.  Which probably just speaks to shattered attention span on my part, but fuck it.  Dan Carlin tends to get saved for long periods of travel.  (I would also say “long sunny afternoons in the back garden,” but we didn’t have any of those this year.)

I’m snapshotting this now because 1) it’s quicker than listing it 2) I’m going to find an hour this week to both prune and add to my podcasts list.  I need more news analysis, more new music, and possibly a decent tech cast or two.


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