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Bookmarks for 2012-11-19

  • Sound bullets in water
    "In 2010, researchers at Caltech led by Chiara Daraio, a professor of aeronautics and applied physics, developed a nonlinear acoustic lens that can focus high-amplitude pressure pulses into compact "sound bullets." In that initial work, the scientists demonstrated how sound bullets form in solids. Now, they have done themselves one better, creating a device that can form and control those bullets in water." SOUND BULLETS. Ah, world, you are too good to me, some days.
    (tags:sci med )
  • Scientists pioneer method to predict environmental collapse
    "The researchers have applied a mathematical model to a real world situation, the environmental collapse of a lake in China, to help prove a theory which suggests an ecosystem 'flickers', or fluctuates dramatically between healthy and unhealthy states, shortly before its eventual collapse." ECOSYSTEM FLICKERING. Oh, I like that. I will wait to see if Deb Chachra decides it counts as a daily idiom.
    (tags:eco )

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