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My Tumblr

I think not all of my readers are aware that I have a Tumblr too.  I use it as a visual notebook.  If you’re on my Facebook page, you get most of this automagically thrown into your timeline anyway (at least, I hope that hasn’t broken for everybody there).

In some respects, Tumblr’s been turning into the new LiveJournal over the last year or two: there seems to be a lot more drama and crazy than there used to be.  But it remains a marvellous service.  It’s been weird to see it grow up as a spinoff from the original tumblelogs, and for a while there I wasn’t sure it’d stick around.  Glad it did.

Anyway, it amused me to spend two minutes sticking together a mosaic of some of the stuff I’ve found and pasted into the notebook recently. 

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