So Molly Crabapple went forth into the streets of New York City early this morning, with Laurie Penny and many other people, for #s17, the anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement.  She emailed me a couple of times from the streets.  I knew NYPD would conduct a fairly quick sweep, obviously.  I wasn’t quite prepared for a message from Laurie saying Molly had been arrested.

I don’t know who took this image.  Get me at @warrenellis and I’ll credit you.

Immediately thereafter, we got the hashtag #freemollycrabapple going on Twitter.  Which I find inordinately amusing, not least because she was sending messages from the paddy wagon and probably saw a bunch of it.  Because apparently they don’t take your phones off you when you’re arrested, now?

Interestingly, what evidently happens is that NYPD insisted everyone get on the pavement, and once they were on the pavement they were arrested.  What I am pleased about is that Molly’s arrest wasn’t one of the violent ones – because nobody in the NYC power structure gives a shit about sending the message that they will beat non-violent protestors to show how devoted they are to preserving the peace of breakfast in the financial district – and that, frankly, she gets to see the inside of a black maria and a cop shop.  Because that is going to give her a wealth of new stuff to draw angry, in the mode of her Shell Game pieces.


She will be out of the nick before Friday, when the second ARIADNE goes up, I’m sure.  In the meantime, she’d love it if you went to Twiiter and posted with the hashtag #freemollycrabapple .