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Back From London

And I won’t return until after the bloody Olympics.

So, two days of hitting things with hammers, and WASTELANDERS looks solved.  Dinner last night with Natalie Haynes and her man Dan, Anthony Head and his daughter Daisy, Bryan Hitch and some nice man whose name I barely caught because I was leaving as he was coming in, because I was friiiiied.  I was taking two days off to work on WASTELANDERS, but the film, tv and book industries weren’t, so I was operating on an overclocked brain and nowhere near enough sleep.

(Bryan and I talked briefly about his future comics work, for those who follow that: soon he will finally be writing for himself, a thing that is about ten years overdue.)

There was a very funny and sweet moment where Joss and I, pacing around Covent Garden in search of a solution to a hurdle in the fourth act, were stopped by a charming young woman who was literally physically shaking at having recognised Joss.  She was very nice, and kindly indulged us as we pretended not to be staggering around London in search of a plot.  Or even the plot.

So that was that.  And now my city, from whence my forebears emanate, is overrun by pay-cops and the military and the moneysuckers, I shall struggle mightily to avoid it until after the farce in Stratford is over.

I noticed today that the standard digest-size comics page fits quite nicely in the content stream width here.  Not that I can really do anything about that, but it was an interesting thing to me.  I am probably the last comics guy who doesn’t have a problem with scrolling.  You know, since the rest of the fucking internet does it and all.

I have another speaking event coming up in Britain this year, which I’ll give its own post tomorrow.  For now, I’m just going to note that I’m back by the sea, I have some things to do, and I may even add a few more.

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