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Today’s List

* Listen to some of the 55 podcasts backed up in the computer
* Rewrite rough notes on Possible TV Thing 1
* Rewrite rough notes on Other Media Thing 2
* Seriously reconsider ever doing a podcast interview again after realising halfway through the Disinfo interview that I was basically making no sense at all
* Do another section of copyediting on GUN MACHINE
* Finish structure notes on Novel 3
* Put more ideas into the GUN MACHINE PR notebook
* Pretend I have cleared my email inbox
* Set reminders to get out of bed on Saturday because I have to go to London to do 45 minutes onstage at Kapow Comics Convention
* Re-read and annotate friend’s radio play outline
* Find something disgusting to email GRAVEL director Tim Miller in revenge for the horrible shit he’s been emailing me first thing in the bloody morning
* Try to remember the five other things I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten
* Try to be in bed by 3am
* Crawl under desk, cry

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