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Bookmarks for 2012-05-17

  • Is Fashion Ready for a New Aesthetic? | BoF – The Business of Fashion
    "As a term, “The New Aesthetic” may be short-lived. Surprising many, James Bridle shut down the New Aesthetic Tumblr ten days ago, exactly one year after it was launched. But if the “New Aesthetic” movement is already dead, this is surely only the beginning of digital technologies impacting the way fashion creatives think, see and design. Indeed, the generation of students just starting to arrive in fashion schools have only ever known a world that’s mediated by digital technology and learnt to process visual culture through a ceaseless digital stream of appropriated and juxtaposed images."
    (tags:newaesthetic fashion )
  • 3:AM Magazine » Against All Ends: Hauntology, Aesthetics, Ontology.
    "The out of jointness is not the opposition of the present to either the part or the future of indeed a mere disordering of these temporal modes. Derrida specifically warns against this: “A spectral moment, a moment that no longer belongs to time, if one understands by this word the linking of modalized presents (past present, actual present: ‘now,’ future present) … Furtive and untimely, the apparition of the specter does not belong to that time” (10). As a result, hauntology in its Derridean formulation counters the criticism put forward by James Bridle, that “it deals with the problem of the future by going back to the past” (11) and that it needs to be opposed by the radically new. This reiteration of the standard modal temporalities of past, present and future is both symptomatic of the problems of an aesthetic interpretation of hauntology and at the same time, the very problem that Derrida is confronting with his concept of hauntology."
    (tags:hauntology future )
  • Guarding Route Jeep – By Suchitra Vijayan | Foreign Policy
    @FP_Magazine: Haunting photographs of Afghanistan's desolate borderland (and the people who guard it)
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  • Google’s Augmented-Reality Headset Won’t Offer Full-Vision Data Overlays | Gadget Lab |
    "Unfortunately, the lack of full data overlays also makes the headset less exciting. The type of display Google is now describing has been on the market for years"
    (tags:tech )
  • Image: The shake, rattle and roar of the J-2X engine
    "The J-2X engine is the first new liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen rocket engine developed in 40 years that will be rated to carry humans into space. "
    (tags:space )
  • Google Chrome heading to iPhone, analysts predict
    "The same is true of mobile devices, and White said Macquarie believes Google currently pays 50 percent to 60 percent of revenue made from searches on the mobile version of Safari. That could be a lot of money Google has to share with its rival, and if Apple were to ever dump Google for Bing, that would be a lot of lost money. Therefore, White said Google will make the preemptive step to move users from Safari to Chrome and keep more of that search revenue. "
    (tags:web )
  • Marine Corps pursues ‘kamikaze’ drone
    "The Switchblade, produced by California-based AeroVironment, can be guided into a target and explode on impact, almost like a hand grenade"
    (tags:drones war )
  • The most profitable asteroid is…
    "Most Profitable: 253 Mathilde, a 52.8 km-diameter C-type (carbonaceous) asteroid that has an estimated value of over $100 trillion and estimated profit of $9.53 trillion (USD) "
    (tags:space )
  • Will Self: Writer’s Blog
    @LRB: Will Self updates his blog
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  • The Wire: Adventures In Sound And Music: Article
    @markopilkington: RT @thewiremagazine: Test Centre (Iain Sinclair Stone Tape Shuffle) are starting a weekly radio show on @ResonanceFM:
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  • Jenna Wortham: What I Read – Entertainment – The Atlantic Wire

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