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The Apparat Programme: 3

The Apparat Programme
broadcast at ninety-six kilobits per second in broadband
3: news from nowhere
and you never bloody call

(32.38 mins) (22.4MB) (direct download)
Pick up The Apparat Programme automatically via podcasty thing or fucking iTunes using this address:

All music donated to the Programme by the artists. The running order for Programme 3 is:

“oneRedPix” – Miniluv
“Play In Traffic” – Vanessa John
“Dry County Blues” – Eric Wrong And The Do-Rights
“Married, Buried Or Gay” – Jen Rathbun
“Her Indoors” – Si Jubb Carruthers
“The Bloodwerk” – Viktoria Matthews
“Bengalesium” – Zombie Skull Death Cult
“Fliers” – Theory Anesthetic
“The Happy Song” – We’re Not Really A Group

As of last night, the Apparat Programme has 372 subscribers. Programme 1 was also direct-downloaded 1,865 times. Programme 2 was direct-downloaded 1146 times. Direct downloads of previous Programmes: 1 | 2

If you want your music to be included in an Apparat Programme, send your mp3s to

And if you enjoyed the Programme, please spread the word, linking back to this post. You can also vote for the Programme here.

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