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Bookmarks for 2012-04-24

  • BBC News – MI6 inquest shown video of holdall in bath
    "As the pictures were shown to the court, Mrs Sebire and coroner Fiona Wilcox agreed that at no point did anyone seem to be following him." Because, of course, if you were a kill team tasked to kill a man without leaving an obvious cause of death, fold his body into a holdall and padlock it shut, and then probably leave four years' worth of women's clothes in his flat, you'd be DAMN sure to get yourself seen on CCTV, wouldn't you?
    (tags:crime pol )
  • Sudan bombs South Sudan as Bashir vows not to negotiate | FP Passport
    "South Sudan announced last week that it was withdrawing from the disputed Heglig border region in order to avoid all-out war, but the scope of the current attacks seem to go beyond Heglig, and Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir has vowed not to negotiate until all South Sudanese troops are out of Sudan since southern leaders “do not understand anything but the language of the gun and ammunition." Last week, he referred to the South Sudanese leadership as "insects" and vowed to drive them from power."
    (tags:pol war )
  • BBC News – Europe: A crisis of the centre
    "There were two "moments" in the defeat of liberal centrist politics in Germany, Austria, Spain etc. in the 1930s: the first, where polite society realised the working classes were swinging to the right and left, but patronisingly reassured themselves that the world of Jazz, surrealist poetry and foreign holidays could never end. That is, they said to themselves: the workers are clinging to the past, but we, avatars of a more liberal and progressive future, have economic history with us, which points only in the direction of liberalism and economic co-operation."
    (tags:money pol history )
  • The “Classical” Button (MP3)
    "I like to think that this particular hotel radio is tuned to sounds leaking back from the future, a time when this kind of electronic noise, this light industrial piece, this static-laden minimal techno, is considered classical music."
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