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Cartes Infernales: Ariana’s Kickstarter

You all know Ariana. She designed and keeps it running, she designed SHIVERING SANDS, she makes the IEU t-shirt designs, she designed the covers for things like CAPTAIN SWING… she’s basically brilliant and I couldn’t do without her.

And now she’s doing this: restoring some public-domain vintage demonic illustration.

Right to the point: I want to design and print a deck of 69 large (3.5″x5.75″), full-color cards, each featuring an illustration from the Dictionnaire Infernal. I’d also like to create a supplementary PDF for the deck, with all 69 card images and extended information about each. If you’re already familiar with the images I’m talking about, you can scroll down to the “accountability” section to see what this project would entail.

You can click through to read all about it right now (and possibly see the best demon anteater image ever), or Ariana can give you the pitch like this:

The documentation is thorough, and the work is absolutely beautiful. Please do give it a look, and, if you like it, share it around. Thanks.

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