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Station Ident

By Frimann Frimannsson, who says:

Here are some photos that I scanned from some found film that I found. They were all taken in Iceland and I think they are from the late 40’s early 50’s. They are 331 photos in total.

In Iceland I am drawing, and freelance in journalism, photography, modeling. I also DJ and perform noise, drone, ambient and improvisational music under many names. They include Pyrodulia (drone duo), Harry Knuckles (solo noise), Tom’s Hank (noise duo) and once performed a last minute improvised set with some local musicians under the name Bj√∂rks Vagina. I also take part in a project called The Mayemisphere that takes place once a year during the summer in an abandoned steel factory in the east fjords. There me and many other local artists do art installations and performances. Bob Cluness has also participated in this. This year I will be releasing cassettes on my record label Lady Boy Records that I started in December last year. Every release will be limited to 50 copies. My goal is to release on vinyl but there isn’t a vinyl press in Iceland. There is however a possibility to purchase a vinyl cutter online and my intent is to cut onto x-ray photos. The Soviets used to do this back in the day and called it roentgenizdat.

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