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Bruce Sterling on the New Aesthetic

Bruce dropped an epic essay on The New Aesthetic this morning.  If you’re a regular reader, you’ll recognise the term, but I’ll drop some internal links at the end of this.  Bruce being Bruce, he throws off ideas and perspectives in this piece with seeming effortlessness. 

An aesthetics that’s overdependent on weirdness lacks ambition as an aesthetics. Weirdness is merely relative. Weirdness is never value-free.

I need to read it a couple more times.  Right now, to me, there are little echo-whispers of Adam Curtis in there, and even Ray Brassier, linked a couple of posts below.

We’re not going to be able to gloss over this gaping vacuity by “making the machines our friends.” Because they’re not our friends. Machines are never our friends, even if they’re intimates in our purses and pockets eighteen hours a day.

This essay is basically the only thing the tech/design/digital crowd are going to be talking about today.  Catch up now.

The New Aesthetic | Drone Porn and the New Aesthetic Sleepbot

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