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AWOL Again

My friend Cassandra Melena has released a new postcard.

All attempts to keep up a certain posting frequency here have been thwarted.  I have been in a lot of phone conferences and a lot of email chains over the last few days.  While still technically “unemployed” – I haven’t settled on the subject of my second novel in the Mulholland Books deal yet – I seem to be talking to a lot of people about things.

I’ve got at least two phone conferences booked for tomorrow, now, and more will probably be added, and they are all with very interesting people and I am looking forward to them, but of course they are not the sort of thing you can talk about.

I’m sure some other stuff has happened, but I can’t think of any of it right now.


TRANSVERSE by Carter Tutti Void is a very good record.

Read full review of Transverse – CARTER TUTTI VOID on ©

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