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THREE PANELS OPEN: Esquivel Godlewski Cody

One of the most popular of last year’s Three Panels Open was by Esquivel, Godlewski and Cody, with letterer Barajas.  Sans Barajas, they’re back again this year:

Eric M Esquivel is the author of Moonstone’s "Blackest Terror" and "Thor: Unkillable Thunder Christ".  Scotty Godlewski is the penciler for Boom’s "Dracula: In The Company of Monsters" and "Codebreakers".  Ryan Cody penciled Viper’s "Villains".

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  1. […] THREE PANELS OPEN: Esquivel Godlewski Cody Okay so I’m obviously posting this because the three panel comic that makes up the lion’s share of this Warren Ellis post is pretty amazing and is a great little one page story. I’m WRITING ABOUT this however for one reason and one reason only: I am insanely sad that I never thought of the title Thor: Unkillable Thunder Christ. Let that one roll off your tongue for a while and see how long it takes you to be upset you weren’t the first person to think of the phrase “unkillable thunder christ.” If it’s more than 5 seconds you’re a better person than I am! […]

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