Drone Porn And The New Aesthetic Sleepbot

In an epic speculative post about commercial home-mapping services, Jan Chipchase drops this lovely idea bomb:

After seeing the nano-quadcopter presentation at TED 2012 – including this, but with a lot more background, insights into their capabilities, and a video of a quadcopter entering and mapping a building in real time – technically impressive stuff. First responders. Military. Pornographers. Research. Retail. This changes many things.

I think it might take me a while to fully digest this post by Matt Webb of BERG about products.  I have, for my entire career, staunchly fought against my work being called a product.  But there are a variety of lessons here, old and new – here’s an old one, which easily applies to book/comics covers —

products have to be shelf demonstrable — they can tell their story in 15 seconds, with no interaction beyond looking.

— that I think will be very much worth my time to think about.

Young James Bridle here apparently quoted me at SXSW earlier today, according to the little flurry of @s on Twitter, including the mordant Bruce Sterling comment: “Now Bridle is quoting Warren Ellis. It’s like a radically pixelated old home week in here.”  He was doing a thing about The New Aesthetic, which I’ve mentioned here before.  (You can get a quick catch-up by checking out the New Aesthetic tumblr.)  He’s now writing a fortnightly column for The Observer, and this link here should collect the pieces as they happen (first one’s up right now).


(Also: Bruce did his own fairly brain-burning NA capture of the NA thing at SXSW.)

In a perhaps similar mode, and found via tecxnotes, I will close this with 2SLEEP1:

2SLEEP1 is a 66-minute playlist of audiovisual performances in text mode, designed to make you fall asleep.

It’s the New Aesthetic Sleepbot.

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