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So They Let Me Into The Government Last Tuesday

Which was very interesting, actually.

I don’t believe I’m allowed to mention why I was there, but I can assure you that it had nothing to do with national security or any actual function of government.  You are all safe.

It was all part of An Interesting Thing that an old acquaintance of mine has put together.  If said Interesting Thing survives the panel-beating that we’re all taking to it, then I imagine it’ll become public in due course.  You may be amused to learn, as I was, that I was drafted in as “the voice of not-sanity.”

The phones get taken away as soon as you enter No 10, of course, after going through an airport-like security process.  “It’s like an airport, except we don’t want your shoes.”  So I didn’t even attempt to get shots of the interior, which is very townhouse-like, only with state dining rooms.  Not all that interesting.  What I enjoyed more was the company: technologists, diplomats, political operators, educators and other arcane specialists, the sort of people I don’t often get to talk with.  The company alone made it worth an 830am meeting (830am being in all other ways a time that I do not believe humans should be forced to exist in).

So that happened.

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