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Bookmarks for 2012-02-11

  • Remote Sensing Tutorial Table of Contents
    " Remote Sensing is a technology for sampling electromagnetic radiation comprising a signal emanating from its source target that is used to acquire and interpret non-contiguous geospatial data from which to extract information about features, objects, and classes on the Earth's land surface, oceans, and atmosphere (and, where applicable, on the exteriors of other bodies in the Solar System, or, in the broadest framework, celestial bodies such as stars and galaxies)."
    (tags:tech sci drones surveillance space )
  • Guernica – Inside & Out: A Talk at Fordham University-Lincoln Center
    “I note what you say about your aspiration to edit a magazine. I am sending you by this mail a six-chambered revolver. Load it and fire every one into your head. You will thank me after you get to hell and learn from other editors there how dreadful their job was on earth.”
    (tags:magazines )
  • Hidden Communal Guns Are More Common –
    "Somebody said, ‘Get the Waka Flocka.’ Two men broke off, crossed East 161st Street, entered the lobby of an apartment building, approached the bank of 207 mailboxes and opened one. Waka Flocka is the name of a rapper. But to these men, the phrase described something else. The community gun."
    (tags:crime social )
  • Unknown Fields Division
    Living Jelly, from UNKNOWN FIELDS DIVISION
    (tags:ifttt googlereader UNKNOWN FIELDS DIVISION )
  • NASA Unveils Future Aircraft Designs: Stunning Models (PHOTOS)
    "The stunningly innovative designs, which NASA calls "greener flying machines for the year 2025", are being developed by three firms under contract to the NASA Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate's Environmentally Responsible Aviation (ERA) Project."
    (tags:tech design+fiction )
  • [Video] Artist’s Time-Lapse Map of the World’s 2053 Nuclear Explosions
    "The video was created in 2003 as a series expressing Hashimoto's view of, "the fear and the folly of nuclear weapons." The video represents nuclear tests with a colored dot and a beep on a map. It starts slow in 1945, showing a world view of a couple flashes in the southwestern United States before zooming in on the two bombs dropped in Japan. The video then pans out and continues for the duration from a birds-eye view of the world. The climax comes between 1955 and 1970 as the Soviet Union joined the U.S. as a nuclear power and England, France, India and Pakistan eventually joined the arms race."
    (tags:war )

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