Who I Am And Where I Am (Jan 2012)

January 27th, 2012 | about warren ellis/contact

I write books and comics and articles and other things.  I live in south-east England.  My next novel, GUN MACHINE, is due autumn 2012 from Mulholland Books.  The film RED 2, sequel to RED, based on the graphic novel I wrote, is due autumn 2013.  I have author pages at Amazon and Amazon UK.  My most recent original work was SVK, produced in partnership with the design & invention unit BERG.

Public email address: warrenellis@gmail.com (gets checked once a day or so)

@warrenellis on Twitter.  Facebook Page.  Username warrenellis on Instagram and This Is My Jam.

If you need to contact me about writing for print or web, please contact my agent Lydia Wills using the link in the righthand menu bar.

If you need to contact me about anything involving film, tv, games or other things that move and make noises, please contact my agent Angela Cheng Caplan using the link in the righthand menu bar.

Sometimes I speak at conferences, or do other kinds of talks and appearances.  I’ve previously been a columnist for WIRED UK and Reuters.

I occasionally podcast.

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  1. You can find Warren on Twitter: @warrenellis