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FAQ 11jan12

The FAQchive is here.

MoriMori asks: whatever happened to CASTLEVANIA: DRACULA’S CURSE?

This was an animated film project that I wrote the screenplay for.  I believe, but am not certain, that the funding partner dropped out of the project, and that was pretty much that.

Mike DuBose asks: do you still consider yourself a comics writer first? Are you now mostly a novelist? Or any kind of writer depending on your mood/the offers?

I’ve always thought of myself as “just a writer.”  I was doing work in other media all the way through my comics career.

Chris Ford asks: Will you do anything else with the Freak Angels story, or something new within that universe?

I consider FREAKANGELS to be as finished as it’s going to be.  I mean, never say never, but right now I see no point or motive in going back to that world.

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