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A still from "How To / Internet" by Jaakko Pallasvuo, as captured by James Bridle of RIG, who also tells me RIG have a FRSTEE for me.

Post-novel, I find myself still mostly in recovery: one of those disturbing “not as young as you used to be” moments.  Compounding this concern was the recent worry, introduced into the household by the arrival of two bottles of Shackleton whisky, that I was having blackouts and going internet-shopping for alcohol and not remembering a thing about it.  Thankfully, today, the fine people at Whyte & Mackay contacted me to ask if I’d received the bottles and the note.  There was no note.  I’ve been enduring days of people telling me I drink until I don’t remember ordering more drink.

This is a meticulous recreation of the whisky Shackleton took on his ill-fated trip to the South Pole: there’s a website (has an age-check gate) that explains it all.  The original whisky was a Glen Mhor, now a silent still.  I opened a Glen Mhor of some forty years’ age the other month, and it was frankly astonishing.  Very much looking forward to this younger, yet historic bottling.

(Whyte & Mackay just told me in email that there’s a scavenger hunt in the UK for smartphone users.)

The important takeaway from all this is: I am not having blackouts.  Or, at least, if I am, I can’t operate my credit card during them.

Now look at these: a photographer from Seoul using the name “komeda” on Instagram releases a new shot every day or so:

Something sadder, here’s Brian Wood talking about how Dark Horse Comics were essentially menaced into upping the prices on their digital comics.

And here’s Bruce Sterling at his most Bill-Hicksesque.  Back later.

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