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Colleen Nika’s NIGHTVISION: (Super) Novecano

Colleen Nika says:

An update on Nightvision for the curious reader: I am about to announce a series of new editorials and guest mixes; (hint: Moon Wiring Club, Felix Kubin, and John Foxx fans take note). Plans for the Nightvision radio hour are also nearing completion; details on the main show have to remain a secret for now, but I can announce I’ll be doing some XFM cameos again soon, as well as something special on London Fields Radio in January.  The live project kicks off in March/April in NYC!

For  annoying, (but honest and unavoidable) reasons, I’ve been a bit delayed in rolling out the initiative. Basically, I’ve been traveling, drama-seeking, working my arse off at my daytime magazine job, and ‘dealing with a bunch of boring life-altering shit’ etc. But hold tight, because a lot is about to happen very quickly, starting this week.  And luckily, some worthwhile musical osmosis has transpired in the mean time; so many amazing new (and rediscovered) tunes have emerged on my radar, some of which you’ll hear below in a new mutant pop mix I just brewed up. It’s called (Super) Novecano, a nod to various November modes: nihilistic, volcanic, numb, the beautiful decay of a supernova. I stuck a photo of Vivien Leigh on the ‘cover’ because she’s the queen of extremes, and just about everything else.

Nightvision: (Super) Novecano by thisisnightvision

(Super) Novecano

This is a schizoid pop mix filled with twists and turns; it’s restless, distracted,  bipolar, blissful, bratty, leering, contemplative, tragic. A post-genre jumble of sounds with a few thematic tricks at play. There are moments of euphoria and lust and moments of no return.  Pop neurons crosswired with something scarier: manipulations from a mindset hellbent on Xenomania and Richard D. James creating a disjointed masterpiece together.

The tracklist, detailed on the Soundcloud page, is filled with a few exclusive and obscure songs, including unreleased gems from Grimes and Maria Minerva, some custom edits, and a deliciously rare (and amazing) Aphex Twin remake of Saint Etienne, as well as a reimagining of James Holden and Bodyrox as one warped entity. May I also recommend the incredible Irmin Schmidt (of Can) and Kumo number? It might be my favorite song of the year and it’s actually three years old.’

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