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Chrome And Insecure Content

Putting this here in case it’s useful to anyone else.

Opened Gmail this morning in Chrome (Win7) and got a flash message across the top of the browser: “This page has insecure content.”  With options to load it anyway, or not to load.  Blearily, I pressed “do not load,” and things were fine.  What is up with this, I thought?

The Rapportive extension had been a wee bit flaky lately, so I disabled it, closed everything, then relaunched Gmail in Chrome.  Same thing.  So I went looking.  And, lo and behold, I found the answer on a Google support forum.  Which, in my previous experience, had been a wasteland.

Credit for this solution comes from the kind folks at Baydin, makers of Boomerang for Gmail. They don’t really provide tech support for this kind of thing but they went above and beyond the call of duty on this one. Instructions below:

1. Right-click anywhere on your Gmail page and click “Inspect Element”.
2. A debug window will take over the bottom half of your browser. Click “Console” at the bar at the top of this window.
3. Search for the words “insecure content” in the console (search bar at the top-right of the console). This line will reveal where the insecure content is coming from.
4. Disable the plug-in that is creating this message. In my case it was Zemanta, which neither one of us realized was even a gmail plug-in.

Chrome is getting stricter about insecure content on secure pages. You can contact the maker of your plug-in if you want to continue using it w/o receiving this warning message.

In my case, it was actually Zemanta that was throwing the error. Disabled the extension, all was back to normal. Reading around, I see that a lot of people have been getting this error and not knowing why. It seems that, going forward, more and more extensions may cause the error. Now you, like me, can find out which ones and kill them.

This has been brought to you by “If I don’t write this down I will forget how to fix it next time this happens.”

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