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Bookmarks for 2011-10-04

  • Dream is over for Virgin Galactic space tourist
    ""Everything in aerospace always takes longer that you originally think," he said."
    (tags:space )
  • shitscape
    "“Shitscape” describes “the making of an entirely functioning landscape built from human excreta”. It proposes to accomplish this by recovering “the ‘soil’ from the settlements while extracting the beneficial flora from the forest and, in turn, utilize both as a generator for a new and evolving landscape”."
    (tags:eco cities )
  • Wildlife Incursions into Modern Cover Design – 50 Watts
    "books from an invented intellectual history concerned with the study of invertebrates and other animals as they relate to architecture and psychology."
    (tags:covers books design design+fiction )
  • The Wire: Adventures in Modern Music: Article
    "Daniel Lopatin, aka Oneohtrix Point Never, is launching a zine this autumn titled Cool Drool. Cool Drool Volume 1: Our Drool & Why features written and visual contributions from Jon Rafman, Megazord, Cory Arcangel, Laurel Halo, Taylor Richardson, Dominic Fernow, Robert Beatty, and Pan's Bill Kouligas. The Wire's Derek Walmsley has also contributed a written piece on the early 90s Amiga demo scene, where coders hailing primarily from Northern Europe released AV material on floppy disc."
    (tags:magazine )
  • Co-Founder of Siri: Assistant launch is a “World-Changing Event” (Interview) | 9to5Mac | Apple Intelligence
    "…it appears that Apple is getting ready to reveal what it has done with Siri over the past year and a half (we were actually expecting it at WWDC).  Make no mistake: Apple’s ‘mainstreaming’ Artificial Intelligence in the form of a Virtual Personal Assistant is a groundbreaking event.  I’d go so far as to say it is a World-Changing event.  Right now a few people dabble in partial AI enabled apps like Google Voice Actions, Vlingo or Nuance Go.  Siri was many iterations ahead of these technologies, or at least it was two years ago.  This is REAL AI with REAL market use. If the rumors are true, Apple will enable millions upon millions of people to interact with machines with natural language."  
    (tags:comms comp iphone voice )
  • Enceladus weather: Snow flurries and perfect powder for skiing
    "Global and high resolution mapping of Enceladus confirms that the weather forecast for Saturn's unique icy moon is set for ongoing snow flurries. The superfine ice crystals that coat Enceladus's surface would make perfect powder for skiing, according to Dr Paul Schenk of the Lunar and Planetary Institute"
    (tags:space )

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