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I sent the BERG crew a gift, and they took a photo for me:


(I sent a case of 16.  You can find them here.)

Bits and pieces:

*  I’m attempting to use again.  This is me on

*  I put together an hour-long music podcast for somebody else – basically just a mixtape of stuff – that I guess will be out in a few weeks.  And it really gave me the itch to podcast again.  I may just stick with doing 8tracks pieces more often, because 8tracks are at least licensed, and I don’t think I have the time or energy to do another The 4am run… but.  Geezer needs a hobby, right?

* I’m also trying out Goodreads.  I can be found there at .  I do have a novel coming out next autumn, after all.

*  And it seems that Dame Helen Mirren announced that RED 2 is go for next year. I haven’t been cleared to say anything, but, well, no-one’s going to argue with Dame Helen.

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