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Steve. His fucking parents had named him Steve. To say, "his fucking parents" did not mean he didn’t love his parents or the other way around. He didn’t love his name. In fact, to say that he merely hated his name would have been an oversimplification akin to stating that the universe has some stuff in it. His parents hadn’t even had the presence of mind to give him a middle name that wouldn’t compound his misery: his full name was Stephen Harold Evens. Evidently—he often thought—they hadn’t even considered what his initials spelled. Ever since he was a young kid, he’d wanted a different name, and felt like he wouldn’t be himself until he found one that was his. He felt like the Steves of the world were car mechanics or producers of pornography of a questionable quality.


Would you like a free book?  Course you bloody would.

After losing his job as a librarian under mysterious circumstances, Early’s life takes a turn for the strange. A friend he hasn’t seen for over a decade shows up at Early’s girlfriend’s apartment, with a mute giant in tow, and proceeds to show Early and his girlfriend magical wonders. Soon Early’s girlfriend is missing, and he must follow his mysterious friend on a journey of discovery and dread that will show him shadowed Roads, ancient secrets and new worlds.

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