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Michelle Anderst

I am currently using my illustrative style to form fictional but plausible unions of biological and man-made structures on canvas. In my studies of science, I have observed many structural similarities in nature which man has also used to achieve a similar function. One example of this is found in the end point of a circuit, called a lead, located on a computer board. This structure looks very similar to a nerve cell ending called a bouton. Both constructions serve the purpose of communicating electronic signals but one is built by man and the other occurs naturally. I paint wallpaper in my compositions to enhance and compare the elegance that I see in bones, veins and nerves. I would like viewers of my artwork to think about the patterns and beauty in these parts of our bodies instead of seeing them as a reference to death…



Site.  And prints, skins, and iPhone case designs.

(via Deb Chachra, thanks)

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