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That NEW WORLDS Revival

Found on their facebook page:

Hello everybody! So, after all the speculation and absolutely no hype, we are pleased to announce the publication date of the first e-edition of Michael Moorcock’s New Worlds magazine. The auspicious date will be the 10th of November (2011) The web magazine will include no less than four original stories by new writers, audio visual content from both the British Library and the Greenwich arts festival and features by some very well-known and well respected names from all areas of the genre. Our submission guidelines will be posted on our FB page so, New Worlds will be once more, and we hope in time to approach the heights that the name has reached in the past… but in the future! Watch this space for subscription prices and FAQ’s.

The submission guidelines were actually posted on the page a few days before the above entry.

The dedicated website still hasn’t been set up, and is defaulting to at this time.

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