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Peckham Outer-Space Initiative

Jones of BERG just showed me this:


POI – The Peckham Outer-Space Initiative is at the forefront of search & development, and tasks itself with the utilisation of space for not simply the preservation but evolution of the human species and its culture. A primary objective for POI is to develop and establish in-transit non-Earth living situations. These situations are proposed as solutions to current forms of planetary based society and living, and as such POI employs the manifesto/slogan:SHIPS NOT SHELTERS

There’s even a related book, which I believe I must own.

See, this is your proper British science fictional condition.  It’s the British Interplanetary Society, and Bernard Quatermass building rockets in middle England, and Archigram’s inventing nine futures per page on crap paper for tuppence-ha’penny.  That the book is grainy black-and-white is just perfect.  Using the spare resources of austerity to launch mad ideas into the noosphere.

Tongue-in-cheek and self-aware, and yet utterly determined to see the idea through.  It warms me cockles, it does.  I said cockles.

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