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I used to be good at this blogging thing, and tens of thousands of people used to visit here every day.  And then I seem to have kind of forgotten how to do it.

LEFT: Molly Crabapple's art for the COILHOUSE magazine party in NYC on the 21st.

In other news, I had to switch my novel-writing software from OpenOffice to, for the first time in probably ten years, Microsoft Word. OpenOffice has developed this weird quirk on my machine where it randomly loses bits of the novel, and disappears other bits that only emerge when I do a copy/paste of the entire document into Google Docs.  (When I was writing Spirit Tracks, some arcane quirk would render bits of the piece invisible in OpenOffice, yet visible in Google Docs.) Since this is the longest continuous document I’ve written in OpenOffice on this machine, I decided not to reinstall it (or install LibreOffice), but to activate the pre-installed MS Word.  My instinct is that it’s a stability issue in OpenOffice, and I don’t know if the chink was in there before LibreOffice forked out of OpenOffice, and I do not have all fucking day to fart about with such things.  Except that, of course, I’ve had to re-learn Word.  And MS Word calculates word counts differently.  So suddenly I’m a thousand words behind where I thought I was, and I won’t be certain that there weren’t uncaught losses to the novel until I do my final proof, and arrrgh.  Nothing’s ever easy, is it?

So I should have been closing in on 40,000 words tonight, but instead I’m at 36500.

And now I’m going back to work, having provided no entertainment or information whatsoever.

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