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Squall approaching from Achill


Things to do:

Need to come up with the story for my final issue of SECRET AVENGERS, as we just locked the artist for it.

Smash OpenOffice with my bare hands for continuing to randomly lose pieces of my novel and arbitrarily alter the word count when it’s not losing pieces of novel.

Observe that MagCloud are due to announce a new format soon.

Mention this, noting that further details are imminent:

Find the time to write some script on an unannounced comics thing I’ve been working on slowly.

Stop sleeping long enough to write the audio thing I’ve been talking with an acquaintance about.

Register faint concern and displeasure at being referred to as “a giant uncle” by BERG in the new issue of ICON.  (Though it was generally a really nice piece.  Thanks for the copy, Will.)

Xeni Jardin

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