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Rachel Goodyear

(via Suzanne Gerber)

Every time I look at Marian Churchland’s blog lately, I just don’t even

Via English Russia, you may start your Dieselpunk Blade Runner engines now:


Via Kevin Slavin:

The day after the market saw 844 stocks trigger short-sale restrictions (meaning they dropped more than 10% in one day), not even the robots were able to pull a rabbit out of a hat and at least 21 stocks ended up flash crashing for a millisecond or much longer during today’s trading session. Below are the charts of the 21 identified victims of overzealous ask-side (algorithms)…

Or, put another way, this is the picture of an otherwise invisible hailstorm of Stock Exchange micro-transactions failing at lightspeed.



Also, Todd Lappin saw this happen:


Good morning.  This is warren ellis dot com.

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