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Why I Love Katie West

Found this on her Tumblr this morning, wanted to save and share it:

  1. You said you don’t really read comics, but have you read Transmetropolitan and/or do you read Freakangels? I know you’re pals with Warren Ellis, and Transmet is how I got into comics in the first place.

    Transmetropolitan is one of the few comics I have read. It was the first comic I ever read, too.

    I was at a boy’s house, and I really liked the boy, and the boy liked me. And we were in his room, and he said, “Here, read this.” And it was I Hate It Here. And I read it, and the boy was trying to kiss me, and I was like, no, I’m busy! Reading this! Reading this amazing piece of literature that I didn’t know could even exist. Have comics always been this great? Are there more like this? Who is this Warren Ellis? Does he write other things? And the boy was like, so we can’t make out anymore? And I was like, to the comics shop!

    So, yeah. That’s how that happened.

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