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The Rites Of Spring


But I live in hope that the weather will hold, and that tonight I can charge up my netbook so that tomorrow I can work in the garden.  Where the wi-fi in the office doesn’t quite reach, and where my mobile broadband stick seems not to quite work, but what the hell.  I do, after all, have kind of a lot of work to do.


Another amazing shot by Mathieu Struck.

So the SECRET AVENGERS thing got announced, and I did a few interviews.  No idea what the reception was, as I really tend to avoid comics blogs comments and comics message boards and the like.  But I haven’t been fired yet, so that’s something.  I’m a fair way into my third script for the series right now – Marvel already have those pages and have sent them out to an artist already.  Had to turn down another job at Marvel the other day, which kind of dented my heart a bit – I love the work of the artist involved.  But Big New Thing is announced on April 11, and that and a couple of Media Things are going to have the vast bulk of my attention over the next several months. 

(And, just like that, the press release for Big New Thing arrived for approval.)

I’m highly unlikely, at this point, to have a longform webcomics project to immediately replace FREAKANGELS – I’m twelve episodes from the end.  Off into obscurity I go!  Or, at least, into Act Two.

And I’m out of time and should press Publish now or it won’t happen until tomorrow.

Best of luck to Nate Simpson with NONPLAYER today, and of course Matt Fraction and Stuart Immonen with FEAR ITSELF.

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